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21 June 2013



If we are to believe leading political and financial figures, Europe is approaching a revolutionary situation. UKIP leader Nigel Farage has spoken not only of a “new democratic revolution” sweeping northern Europe (UKIPMEPS.ORG, 2011) but also of mass civil unrest and revolution on the Continent (BBC News, 10 May 2012).


Mr Farage’s analysis has been endorsed by Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble who has warned of a “revolution” if Europe adopts American welfare models (Brady, 2013) and, ominously, by France’s grey eminence Jacques Attali who has similarly spoken of “revolution” in his own country (Evans-Pritchard, 2013). Even English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has joined the chorus with calls for an “English Spring” (Guardian, 28 May 2013).


Presumably, the revolution envisaged by Jacques Attali – a Marxist prophet of world government and long-standing Rothschild associate whose brother Bernard is a former chairman of Bankers Trust – is not quite the same as that alluded to by the Christian Democrat Wolfgang Schaueble or by Nigel Farage. But when political heavyweights like Attali and Schaeuble talk of revolution, the possibility of such an event cannot be lightly dismissed.


According to the Daily Telegraph, in Britain the revolution is represented by Mr Farage and his UK Independence Party (Stanley, 2013). The question is whether UKIP is a revolution or a counter-revolution.


For a better assessment of the situation, we must start with the larger picture. The European Union was ostensibly created to bring stability, prosperity and well-being to all its members. Instead, we now have several countries – Greece, Spain, Italy and France – that are close to bankruptcy. This is supposed to be all Germany’s fault who allegedly “dominates Europe” and not the fault of dysfunctional welfare states overburdened with debt.


A more rational and objective approach reveals a different picture. Post-war Europe was rebuilt with American Marshall Aid money by the same people who later created the European Union. Indeed, European union was stipulated as a precondition for Marshall Aid and the European Union – originally referred to as the “United States of Europe” – was clearly modelled on the United States of America. From the start, the project involved international (Anglo-American) financial interests and their collaborators among Europe’s political elites.


Those who believe that Germany dominates Europe should look at who controls Germany’s finances:


·     The German Bundesbank (Federal Bank) was set up by the Allies after the war, was modelled on the US Federal Reserve and has been controlled by Europeanist Socialists ever since.


·     The supposedly “German” Deutsche Bank has been run by the likes of Sir John Craven, former S. G. Warburg & Co. executive; Bernard Attali, former Bankers Trust chairman; and Alan Greenspan, former US Federal Reserve chairman and CFR director.


·     Chancellor Angela Merkel is being advised by Goldman Sachs directors Alexander Dibelius and Otmar Issing.


·     The World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were established at the 1944 Breton Woods conference in which John Maynard Keynes, secretary-general of the Fabian Socialist Royal Economics Society (RES) and his friend and collaborator, US Under-Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White, a covert Communist, played key roles.


·     Most World Bank presidents have been directors of the Rockefeller-dominated Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).


·     Likewise, the IMF has been dominated by members of the Rockefellers’ CFR and Trilateral Commission.


·     The European Central Bank (ECB) was created by the Maastricht Treaty which aimed to achieve European monetary union and was imposed on Germany by France whose special presidential adviser was Rothschild associate and Marxist activist Jacque Attali, brother of Bankers Trust chairman Bernard Attali. The ECB’s first president was Wim Duisenberg of the Socialist Dutch Labour Party and former IMF official. Its current president is Mario Draghi, former WB executive director and former managing director of Goldman Sachs International.


·     It was ECB boss and Goldman operative Mario Draghi who devised a plan to do “whatever it takes” to save the euro based on European banking union (“Outright Monetary Transactions” or OMT). Far from the Germans being behind the plan, Bundesbank president Jens Weidman actually opposed it (Economist, 8 Jun. 2013, pp. 13, 36) – and so did half of the German public.


Significantly, Germany is also opposed to Keynesian (Anglo-American) economic models based on deficit spending. This has upset the plans of the international money power who likes to see a world indebted to its banks and has incurred its displeasure, as evident from the CFR mouthpiece Foreign Affairs (Blyth, 2013). 


Mr Farage says that there are over 3,000 European Commission committees and advisory groups whose makeup is a “closely guarded secret” (Farage, 2013).


What is no secret is that a leading role among these groups has been played by the European Enterprise Group (EEG) – founded by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) – and the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), both outfits set up by Rothschild and Rockefeller interests. ERT’s vice-chairman from 2006 to 2009 was Trilateral Commission European chairman Peter Sutherland, chairman (and partner) of London-based Goldman Sachs International.


We have seen no evidence that Germany is responsible for mass immigration, multiculturalism or Islamisation in Britain. The evidence indicates that these policies are backed by British and international financial interests. We know that Goldman Sachs International chairman Peter Sutherland who is also honorary Trilateral Commission chairman for Europe as well as head of the United Nations Forum for Migration and Development, has been an advocate of immigration (Sutherland, 2012); has called on the EU to undermine the ethnic and cultural identity of member states (Select Committee on the European Union, p. 25); and chaired the 2008 Trilateral Commission meeting which backed the union of Europe with the Arab world (Mediterranean Union) as a “model for the world” (Trilateral Commission, Meeting Summary).


The evidence also shows that industry and financial lobbies like the CBI are backing immigration. They are the same interests who created the EU and who have dominated Europe and Britain ever since, in collaboration with the Left-dominated political classes. In particular, Europe’s foreign affairs are dominated by Britain and France (“Special Report Germany,” pp. 3-4) and the financial interests behind them.


The fact is that Europe, including Germany, has been taken over by international financial elites with close links to Rothschild, Rockefeller and Goldman Sachs interests (see also The Truth about the European Union). These are the elements that must be opposed and combated everywhere in Europe and, above all, in Britain itself, given that Britain and especially London, is one of their chief strongholds.


The Establishment’s propaganda machine may be able to deflect attention from the real culprits. It may be able to turn public opinion against Germany as it has done in the past and as it is now doing in Greece and elsewhere, where its agents and collaborators are busy fuelling anti-German hysteria. But it will not be able to do so indefinitely.


The Foreign Office has ordered British embassies to prepare contingency plans in anticipation of riots and civil unrest on the Continent. But, sooner or later, Europeans will see through the wall of propaganda and disinformation and realise that the true culprits are international bankers and financiers with links to London, Washington and New York. Europe might then turn against Britain – just like Ireland, India and the Islamic world have done – and Britons will find themselves at the receiving end.


To avoid this scenario, the British people must now turn against the Establishment. This is what true revolution is about. Revolutions that blame others are no revolutions but counter-revolutionary ploys. It is no good fighting one enemy “on the beaches and in the hills” when a worse enemy is sitting in Westminster and in the City. We have fallen for the designs of the counter-revolution in the past. We cannot afford to make that mistake again.


Having identified left-wing financial interests and their political collaborators as the culprits, they must now be exposed and combated. Their power must be broken. Democracy must be put back into the system. But it would be wrong to rely on political parties like UKIP to do it on our behalf. We have done this with the established parties. It is another mistake we cannot afford to repeat.


Revolutions, of course, do not happen spontaneously and of their own accord. They require preparation, support and, above all, leaders who know what they are doing and who genuinely represent the wishes and interests of the people.

But if we are to have a revolution, the following points may be considered as a general guideline for action.

1. The aberrations of the Left can only be redressed by a revolution of the Right.

2. We cannot expect others to be revolutionary on our behalf. We ourselves must become revolutionary.

3. The only way to become revolutionary is by moving as close to the Right and as far away from the Left as possible.

4. To move to the right, that is, to move forward in the right direction, it is necessary to identify and eliminate everything that is left, i.e., wrong and harmful, in ourselves, both individually and collectively, at the level of community, political organisations and society at large.

5. The ultimate object of all revolutionary effort must be the defence, restoration and preservation of Britain, its people and its culture, and the defeat of all enemies – on the beaches and in the hills if it must be, but in Westminster and in the City as a matter of first priority.

6. To counteract both Socialism and Islamism, Britain must re-assert itself as a Christian Monarchy.

See also Crimea, Ukraine and the Anglo-American New World Order



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