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‘Revolt on the Right’: UKIP and the Fabian Socialist smoke-and-mirrors campaign


20 April 2014



There is a massive media campaign on to suppress public opposition to the establishment and bring Labour back. Its main instigators are the Fabian Society and left-wing financial interests. In addition to dozens of newspaper articles, the campaign has produced propaganda publications like Revolt on the Right, branding UK Independence Party voters “radical” and “far-right” – as well as “poorly educated”, “financially insecure” and “old” – in order to mobilise all Fabian Socialist, Labourite, Stalinist and Communist activists and agitators in the country against what is perceived as a “revolt on the right”.    


What is striking about Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin’s Revolt on the Right is that instead of proving their central thesis suggested in the title, the authors in fact systematically demolish it by showing that the electoral system is “heavily stacked against insurgent parties,” that UKIP have failed to take their revolt to Westminster and that the concerns represented by the party have “no voice in the halls of power.” The same, incidentally, holds true for the European Union where, as the authors concede, the “revolt” has little prospect of making a difference any time soon. So not much of a revolt, after all.


The fact is that the Left has been telling us that the Right is “on the rise” since the days of Oswald Moseley. Just as we are expected to believe now, the country at the time (late 1930s and early 1940s) was allegedly on the verge of a cunning takeover by “Fascists” and “Nazi sympathisers”. What actually happened was that Stalin-admiring Labour in 1945 came to power to impose its first socialist regime on an unsuspecting and hoodwinked public.


So, I will believe that there is a “revolt on the right” when I see it. Meanwhile, it is pertinent to ask why anyone would want to write books suggesting that the Right is “on the rise” when the most likely outcome of the next general elections is another Fabian Socialist (Labour) government.


We don’t have to go far to find an answer. Dr Ford is principal investigator in the left-wing Institute for Social Change (ISC) which is closely associated with the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) - a Fabian operation set up by former Fabian Society chairman Harold Wilson and fellow Fabian Lord Young (who authored Labour’s 1945 election manifesto) - and funded by the same left-wing, pro-immigration foundations like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy that are bankrolling the Fabian Society and its projects.


Similarly, Prof Goodwin received a postdoctoral research fellowship from the ESRC and has been involved in projects run by assorted Fabian Socialist outfits such as the Young Foundation (named after Fabian Lord Young, above), Policy Network (set up by Fabian Tony Blair together with fellow socialists Gerhard Schroder and Bill Clinton, and chaired by Fabian Lord – or “Prince of Darkness” – Mandelson), Chatham House (organised by Fabians R H Tawney, John Maynard Keynes and Philip Noel-Baker) where Goodwin is an associated fellow and … the Fabian Society itself.


With such an exclusive Fabian Socialist, pro-immigration and pro-EU background, it is wholly natural for these esteemed academics to attack anyone who dare to oppose the Left and its pro-immigration and pro-EU policies. Let’s not forget that they refer to UKIP’s “revolt” as a “counter-revolution” (p. 191).


The Fabian Society, to whose circles the authors indisputably belong, is a private organisation working to establish a socialist-technocratic world government on behalf of its industrial and financial sponsors:  Rothschild, Rockefeller, Tata, Cadbury and Rowntree. The latter funded the Fabian Research Department that produced “International Government” – the blueprint for the League of Nations.


The Fabian Society, whose founders’ favourite intellectual occupation (in their own words) was scheming, has always encouraged its members to infiltrate or set up political and academic organisations to advance its agenda. In 1900, the Society founded the Labour Party which it has controlled ever since.


While purporting to represent the working classes (in order to ensnare and control the socialist and labour movement for its own agenda), Labour showed its true Fabian colours in the 1930s when it vowed that it “will not abandon, now or ever, the vision of a new world order.”


It was Labour PM Clement Attlee, a leading Fabian Society member, who introduced the 1948 British Nationality Act allowing all inhabitants of the British Empire (nearly 800 million) to enter, work and settle in the UK without restriction.


It was Labour Home Secretary David Soskice, another Fabian, who introduced the 1965 Race Relations Act to suppress opposition to immigration.


It was Labour Home Secretary Roy Jenkins, former Fabian Society chairman, who in 1966 rejected integration in favour of “cultural diversity” a.k.a. multiculturalism which he made Home Office responsibility.


It was Labour PM Tony Blair, a long-standing Fabian Society member, who in the late 1990s and early 2000s imposed a regime of uncontrolled mass immigration “to make Britain more multicultural,” etc., etc.


That opposition to immigration is of central concern to the left-wing establishment and its spokesmen like Ford and Goodwin is obvious from their claim that “opposition to immigration, which is prominent in UKIP’s campaigns, plays a central role in driving support for the radical right” and that “immigration scepticism (i.e. wanting to reduce immigration) is among the principal factors for predicting who will vote for a radical right-wing party.”


The authors also assert that Euroscepticism and support for parties like UKIP “is driven by a general belief that the EU and its accompanying institutions threaten national sovereignty and national identity.”


Again, it was Fabian Society member Clem Attlee who, in the late 40s and early 50s, wanted a Socialist “United States of Europe”. Together with fellow Fabians Ernest Bevin and Herbert Morrison and European socialists (as well as with Astor and Rockefeller funds) Attlee was instrumental in initiating the United Europe project. His Foreign Secretary Bevin chaired the conference that established the Organisation for European Co-operation in obedience to the requirements of the Rockefeller-engineered Marshall Plan, culminating in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), later known as “European Union”.


Stating that support for UKIP is driven by a “general belief” that the EU is detrimental to national sovereignty suggests, incorrectly, that there is no threat from the EU. In reality, it doesn’t take a genius (or any academic training) to see that the threat to national sovereignty and identity from international organisations like the EU - and UN - is not a “belief” but a fact.


The Fabian leadership had already come to rubbish national sovereignty as “outmoded” in the early 1900s. The Fabian-Labour-controlled Socialist International – which acted as a propaganda mouthpiece for European union in the 50s – declared that national sovereignty “must be transcended” and we know that the EU has always intended to abolish national sovereignty from the statements of its architects. The chief among them, Jean Monnet, declared that the abnegation of sovereignty was an “indispensable first principle.” Fabian Socialist Foreign Secretary Morrison co-issued the 1951 Washington Declaration stating that the ECSC was “a major step towards European unity.” The first president of the ECSC Assembly (later European Parliament), the Belgian socialist Paul-Henri Spaak, promised to “rebuild the Roman Empire,” the obvious implication being that member states were to be reduced to the status of centrally-controlled imperial provinces.


As admitted by the Europa website (published by the EU), “the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in July 1952 was the first step towards a supranational Europe”. Gradual abolition of national sovereignty has remained a central objective of the EU as expressed in the phrase “ever-closer union” (EEC Treaty a.k.a. “Treaty of Rome”, 1957).


Our whole treacherous establishment – not just Labour – was perfectly happy with that. As stated by “Conservative” Churchill in the Commons, “The Conservative and Liberal Parties declare that national sovereignty is not inviolable … we are prepared to consider the abrogation of national sovereignty … I will go even further and say that for the sake of world organisation we would even run the risk and make sacrifices …”


The phrase “for the sake of world organisation” exposes the true Fabian agenda which is nowhere more clearly expressed than in Labour Party manifestos declaring, “For us world government is the ultimate objective and the United Nations the chosen instrument” – the same United Nations, that is, that was created, funded and controlled by the Rockefellers and associates for their own agenda, and whose migration chief Peter Sutherland (chairman of the Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission) has infamously requested the EU to do its best to undermine the ethnic homogeneity of member states.


In light of this, opposition to the establishment and its undemocratic agenda is wholly justified. Indeed, democracy and justice can only be upheld by fighting what is undemocratic and unjust. “Toppling the establishment who got us into this mess” (as recently urged by UKIP leader Nigel Farage) and restoring democracy and justice is exactly what the country needs. Yet, tellingly, Fabian publications like “Revolt on the Right” are not overly concerned with democracy and justice, indeed, such concepts tend not to form part of their vocabulary. Hence, instead of indicting the undemocratic establishment and its policies, they attack its critics, demonising them as “radical,” “far-right,” “poorly educated,” “financially insecure” and “old”.


On reflection, calling dissenters “radical” and “far-right” can only mean that the authors have dug their trenches on the side of the establishment, as does their designating the “revolt” as “counter-revolution”. And if Fabians side with the establishment it can only mean that the establishment has become left-wing or Fabian; “poorly educated” really means “not wholly indoctrinated and brainwashed by the Left who controls the education system”; “old” means “too experienced to be hoodwinked” and “financially insecure” means either “insufficiently bribed” or “with nothing to lose” – the only candidates we can rationally expect to see through the establishment’s game and put up resistance. And that’s why they have been singled out for persecution and repression by the Machiavellian Left.


According to Ipsos MORI boss Ben Page, Revolt on the Right is “an essential analysis of the phenomenon that is UKIP in the run up to the 2015 General Election“ and “vital for anyone studying modern British politics seriously”. He would of course say that, considering that Ipsos MORI surveys are widely cited and published by the two authors.


What is more, Page himself has been on the payroll of Rothschild-Rockefeller operations Shell and IBM and is currently involved with Fabian outfits like the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and the Social Market Foundation (SMF). IPPR was set up by Fabian Society chairman Tessa Blackstone, is advised by former Fabian Society general secretary Sunder Katwala and is funded by the European Commission, the Rockefellers’ JPMorgan Chase Foundation as well as Joseph Rowntree and associated pro-immigration foundations.


SMF is funded by BP, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the authors’ ESRC. In addition to being a Fabian creation as stated above, ESRC is a clone of the Rockefellers’ Social Science Research Council (set up in the 1920s by Fabian leader Sidney Webb), to which it maintains close links, and is being funded by the Department for Business which was set up by Gordon Brown’s Fabian-Labour regime and is headed by Business Secretary Vince Cable, a pro-immigration Liberal Democrat.


In light of these facts, the Ipsos MORI statement to the effect that its boss “is absolutely committed to ensuring survey research makes a difference for decision makers” (Ipsos MORI website) acquires a new, and rather poignant, meaning.


In summation, Revolt on the Right stands exposed as a one-hundred-per-cent establishment project, from Ipsos MORI data to the authors and their employers to the finished product. It represents another blatant attempt to cover up the take-over of the political system and academic institutions by Fabians and their financial backers, and to ensure another victory for their Labour front and final defeat for democracy.


Now if Labour supporters woke up to reality and saw their party for what it is, we might have a proper revolt instead of an imagined one.


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